Why are my photos showing on other websites?

Model Location does do not upload photos on other websites without the consent of the copyright owner. Some websites scan the internet for images to add to their image search database and some even download them to use on their own. If your images have been stolen by another website or publication please contact the owner of that website or publication and ask them to remove the images you do not wish them to use. Please be aware that deleting photos from Model Location does not guarantee they will be removed from other websites which are using them without permission.

If another person is using photos I own which I want removed. What should I do?

We understand that sometimes somebody will use a photo you own. Often people new to the business do not understand the terms of copyright and ownership of photos taken of them so what we ask is that you first contact the person who is using the photo in their portfolio and request that they delete them. If they do not remove the photos within 48 hours we will delete the photo from our website. You must show us that you are the owner of that photo before any action is taken by us. We do not support photo theft and will work with you to remove your pirated material from our site.

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