Terms of Use


These terms and conditions apply to paying and non paying members.

1) The member agrees that a violation of any of these "Membership Terms" will result in a termination of the account.
2) The member agrees to use this service as permitted by applicable local, state and federal laws. ModelLocation.com shall not be responsible for any use of this service that is prohibited by law. The member agrees that he/she is 18 years or older.
3) The member shall not include any direct contact information in their profile other than in places provided specifically for a type on contact information. This includes, but is not limited to: email address, phone numbers, web page URLs, online message services handles and postal addresses. Member must not use such information as their username.
4) The member shall not give any false or misleading information in the account or in communication with other members.
5) The member shall not harass or be a nuisance to any other member. The member will not use the service to advertise or promote a product or service including but not limited to: job offers, immigration services, match making services.
6) The member shall not use vulgar, racist, or other offensive or inappropriate language in your profile or in correspondence with other members.
7) The member shall not share the account with another person or allow anyone else to use the account for any purpose.
8) The member uses this service at their own risk. Member will not hold ModelLocation.com or our associates responsible for damages caused directly or indirectly or in relation to the use of this service.
9) ModelLocation.com will remove accounts held by members who are abusive or behave in a way that violates these terms of usage.

These terms, and conditions are not all-inclusive and are subject to change at the sole discretion of ModelLocation.com.


By uploading a photo to ModelLocation.com you grant ModelLocation.com non-exclusive rights to publish the image on our website and on other websites for the purpose of promoting ModelLocation.com. You may only upload photos released to you or that you are otherwise legally entitled to publish and distribute.

All photo description text must comply with the ModelLocation.com Terms and Conditions. Photos must not contain pornographic images, violence, drug use or other illegal activates and must not imply any of these via drawings, clipart or other non photographic methods.

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